Our mission:
Bliksem Tech is a Singaporean startup, committed to enabling kids of all ages (8-80) to discover the fundamentals of electronics and technology through fun, easy-to-assemble and most importantly, useful electronics kits.

Our Quest:
Colleges, polytechnics and universities teach you engineering.  We want to make you an engineer.

He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches. - G. B. Shaw

Our Team
Master Engineer Nara has over 40 years of experience as a senior technologist /scientist in some of the biggest multinational corporations around the world including Philips NV, Micronas Intermetall, Genesis Microsystems, SGS-Thomson and others. He is also a certified adult educator (ACTA) in Singapore. 

Bliksem (Dutch for 'lightning') is the brainchild of Master Engineer Nara, a veteran of the electronics industry from its inception to its present day avatar.

Master Strategist Gose is a former A-STAR scholar with a First Class Honors degree from Carnegie Mellon University. She is currently head of knowledge-management in one of South-East Asia's largest unicorn startups.

Chief Marketeer Nanda is a heartland-bred, local uni-educated self-starting entrepreneur. He is one of Singapore's most sought-after photographers, and has been running a successful photography school for over a decade.

Guru Jan is a go-getting entrepreneur with successful startups in over 20 countries, He is currently the CEO of a rising data-analytics giant based in Norway and Malaysia. 

Our Commitment to Quality
All our kits are designed, assembled, and quality-checked in Singapore by our Chief Engineer. They come in our proprietary assembly platform, with all the supporting material to allow you to build useful electronics gadgets (not just toys), allowing you to learn fundamental electronics principles, through skills-development.